The Situation

The Facts

  • The total number of children in out of home care is at an all-time high of 9,891. This is a 35% increase from 2013.

  • Of that number 3,807 (38%) are in foster care and 1,081 (11%) are in residential facilities.

  • It costs the state approximately $300 million dollars per year to provide housing for these kids.

  • 15% of Kentucky students have at least one parent in jail; twice the national average.

  • 26% of Kentucky children live in poverty.

  • 64% of fourth-graders are not proficient in reading.

  • 1 in 5 children below the age of five have experienced some form of abuse or neglect.

  • Only 50% of Kentucky kids are Kindergarten ready.

  • In 2017 there were more than 26,000 substantiated cases of child abuse and neglect in Kentucky. This is more than enough to fill Rupp Arena.

  • Kentucky has the nation’s second-highest child abuse and neglect rate.