Give the gift of hope

Partner to support Kentucky's foster children and impact a life forever


Children should not have to worry about neglect and abuse

Every day, thousands of children endure physical and emotional abuse in the state of Kentucky because they don't have a safe and loving home. Without the support of foster parents and donors, these will still be true:

  • 26% of Kentucky children living in poverty
  • Only 50% of Kentucky kids are Kindergarten ready
  • Kentucky has the nation’s highest child abuse and neglect rate (More than double the national average)

You can help change this. Partner with Hope Hill to provide care in safe, loving, and therapeutic environments to Kentucky's most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and families.

We aim to accomplish our mission primarily through 2 key areas:

Foster Care & Adoption

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Independent living

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3 ways you can make a difference

Your support can reach a child who feels alone and believes that their life is always going to be this way.

Together we seek to reflect God’s faithful love and care to ensure each child and family in our care are holistically supported and loved as they pursue healing.



100% of your donation builds a home for a child in need. Every penny matters.

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Consider Fostering

We are here to walk foster parents step by step through the process.

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Get Involved

With us, you can join a team of people dedicated to changing lives. Consider applying today!

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Lives rebuilt and hope restored

Through decades of dedication from our foster parents, donors, and team, we have seen tremendous transformation in the lives of thousands of children. Many have gone on to live strong and healthy lives surrounded by love. God’s faithfulness to use the efforts of those supporting the mission never ceases to amaze us.

"As a resident, Hope Hill gave me a safe place to heal from all the things that had hurt me. As a counselor here, I have the opportunity to do that for someone else. It's not just a job. It's part of who I am.” - Kayla

Nervous about fostering?

Are you interested in helping a child in need, but not sure you can devote yourself full-time to foster care parenting?  If you've been thinking about fostering but you're nervous about it, providing respite foster care at first may be a way to test the waters. You can choose when you're available to take in children so the schedule can be very flexible—it's up to you. 


Respite care usually takes place over a weekend, and it rarely lasts more than two weeks.

Learn what's best for you

Get an idea of what works best in your home before you take in long-term placement.

Connect with other Foster Parents

Get to know other foster parents while also providing them much-needed restorative time.

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Campus Life

Our location offers privacy and safety, in surroundings of natural beauty, with a limited number of residents at any given time. Experience has taught us that keeping our groups small and intimate results in dramatically better outcomes for sustainable healing and personal growth. Ten to twelve adolescents live in the same cottage and spend all day together—attending class, eating meals, and participating in activities as a group.
Each cottage includes a community room, bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, a kitchen, laundry room, and an office for the counselors.

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Group therapy, life skills activities, homework and free time all take place in a cottage community room during afternoons and weekends. There is also plenty of outdoor space for recreation activities, group activities, picnics, etc.

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