Campus Life

Hope Hill Educational Facility

Education is crucial for the girls who come to Hope Hill for help.

All Hope Hill schools are accredited and associated with the Montgomery County school district, enabling children to focus on credit recovery and earn regular or special education high school diplomas. Classrooms look and feel like rooms in regular schools, but the education curriculum is all done on-line using a software program that is adjusted to each student’s unique educational needs. In addition to helping students develop academically, Hope Hill appointed teachers focus on engaging students in learning and accepting classroom rules to prepare them for their return to regular school.

The modern classrooms opened in 2015 through a generous gift from the Turner Family of Nicholasville, KY. The state-of-the-art classrooms provide the girls opportunities to make extra effort to catch up academically and gain confidence in a classroom setting. Many of the children who come to us are years behind in basic reading and math. At Hope Hill, education is highly individualized and teachers focus on helping each girl learn both academic and classroom behavior skills.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

Equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) is effective for a wide range of mental health diagnoses including:

  • Addiction, Depression, Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Family and interpersonal relationship difficulties

  • Low self-esteem & poor self-image

Hope Hill’s unique EAP program mirrors client’s inner thoughts and feelings, offering them a new way to connect with themselves, process their emotions, and explore behaviors and relationship patterns that have become problematic in their day-to-day lives.

Horses are majestic, gentle creatures and their sheer size and strength can stir deeply buried emotions in clients. Clients are able to bond with the animals and learn valuable lessons about respect, empathy and communication that will help them in their recovery journey.

Hope Hill Recreation and Activities

For the girls in intensive residential treatment at Hope Hill, every day is highly structured to set clear expectations, reward good behavior and allow girls to settle into a routine.

Between hygiene, school, therapy, meals and free time, life skills activities are a great way to learn important independent-living skills. Hope Hill staff members devise fun and educational activities based on the adolescents needs.

A wellness program addresses nutrition, fitness, and hygiene needs, and is designed to assist each girl to build a positive self-image.

The on-site Shue Center for Wellness provides girls a place to exercise and improve their physical health by participating in yoga, volleyball, basketball, dance, etc. Hope Hill also provides cardio exercise machines for girls to use in conjunction with an exercise plan. Besides increasing fitness levels, Hope Hill aims to help girls gain a positive body image.